How I read 10 books a month

I have read ten books every month for quite some time now. I have done this by listening to audiobooks while reading at the same time 2-3 hours every day. I usually do it twice daily: early morning and before going to sleep. I also listen when I do things around the house or while I am waiting in the line, on the plane, traveling, exercising, shopping or driving (I know, I only listen behind the wheel).

Each month, I make a list of 10 books I want to read based on the subject I want to learn. For this year, I want to finish 120 business books. Most books on my list are about 200-300 pages in print or between 3 and 9 hours in audio format (so far the longest books I’ve read are around 14 hours-“Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike” is one of those). I choose the titles based on the readers’ favorite reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and my local library website. I find having this list a real time saver; I used to spend hours deciding which book to read after I finished each one. So with the list, I just stick to it.

Next, the library. I go to my local library to check out the few first books on my list (I usually finish them in a week. The library allows you to check most books out for 21 days). To save time, I check their availability online before I go as a book may already be checked out or is available at a different library. If a book is checked out or is available elsewhere, I can put a hold or ask my local library to recall it and to request an interlibrary loan. I rarely buy books these days :).

Next, listening and reading. I listen to audiobooks while I am reading simultaneously. To do this, I’ve subscribed to Audible. Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon. It is a subscription-based service. Members pay a monthly fee and can listen to more than a million audiobooks with the free Audible app. As a member, I pay about $15 CND every month. With the membership, I am given one credit a month to buy any book I want (regardless of price). I can also buy books with a 30% discount as an Amazon Prime subscriber.

The audible app can keep your reading statistics as well-that is pretty neat. It also allows you to adjust the narration speed of your audiobook ( speed up, slow down as you wish). I keep my own stats using this app This app allows me to do a few extra things nicely and easily.  Below is a screenshot of my stats.photo_2018-04-26_09-20-19

I do find listening to audiobooks a great tool; it can maximize my productivity and time efficiency. It is much faster than reading alone. It helps with comprehension as I tent to have a better concentration. It motivates me to keep reading. If you want to try it,  sign up here for a one-month free trial. Some words of caution: you need some focus and dedication to get where you want to go. Happy listening and reading!

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