Who is the real hero in your business?

photo_2018-05-15_11-27-29The answer can be found in this book: ‘Building A StoryBrand’ by Donald Miller. The key message of this book is that there is a strategy to make your marketing efforts pay off: Create and communicate a clear brand message by harnessing the power of storytelling that focuses on the customer. The customer is always the hero in the story.

The author strongly suggests that you should invest more time in creating a story (StoryBrand). Because that can help you to stand out amid the competition. Because it can show you how to forge a productive relationship with your customers. It can also guide you to appropriately position your product to ensures that customers listen and pay attention, remember your products and services more, and thus resist less if your marketing messages focus on them and their needs.

The author claims many companies struggle today because they don’t communicate clearly to their customers; they don’t have a story to tell about their product. Instead of hearing a clear message about the products, customers are often overwhelmed by the companies’ information and ambiguity, so they don’t care and move on to choose a product/service that speaks to their needs.

So if you want your business to flourish, try to create a marketing message that is clear and speaks to the needs of your potential customers. That message should clearly explain: Who you are. What you’re here to do. And why a customer should choose you instead of someone else; you have got to keep asking how your product or service help them survive and grow.

If you want to know how to create clear messages, I suggest you read the ‘StoryBrand 7-Part Framework’ the author explains in quite details in this book. These SB7 components include character, problem, guide, plan, calls to action, failure and success.

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