Set goals and take action!

Book TalkI am very healthy and wealthy. I have a beautiful multi-million dollar house in a very safe neighborhood in one of the best countries in the world. I drive the best and the most expensive car. I have traveled around the world with my family I love so much, and when I fly, I only do that in the best first class seat on the plane. As a good citizen, I have so far contributed most of my time and energy helping those less disadvantaged than me. I’ve built schools and libraries to ensure my fellow human beings have an opportunity to learn, to develop themselves and to become successful in life.

The problem is I am not that person yet. Not even close. They are just some dreams, some desires, some goals, or whatever along that line. But, according to Weldon Long, author of the Power of Consistency, having these dreams, desires, and goals is the very step towards a big success in life. Those who do not yet have goals should urgently create them. Those who have goals that don’t work should replace them with new positive ones that can bring about hope, confidence, commitment, and prosperity.

The key message Weldon Long describes in his book is not new. But I agree with him. We all know that to be healthy we need to eat healthily and do exercise regularly. We know that to be successful, we should have a plan and stick to it. The conundrum facing all of us is we don’t do what we know or what we should. We let every day passed, and day after day we feel daunted or guilty about our life.

His suggestions for anyone who longs for success in life are simple to understand. He describes the practical principles clearly in what he calls the “system” or the “Prosperity Mindset.” The concepts can be summarized as follows: Write your goals. Review them consistently. Focus on them again and again. Take action daily. Dong those things would drive your emotions, your actions, and your results.

The author has used these principles to completely change his life. He faced a helpless and depressing situation in the first half of his life. He did not complete high school; dropping out in grade 9. He abandoned his only son when he was just three years old. He cheated. He stole. He was a prisoner for many years. But, he turned things around. He replaced his old box with a new encouraging thinking, continuous learning, and unwavering commitment. He wanted to be a changed person. A good father. He focused on those things he wanted and went all in to make them come true. You guessed it. He has achieved his goals and some more. He replaced his high school dropout with an MBA degree in management; he did that while still in jail. He has built a multi-million dollar company in just over 60 months or so. He has contributed and continued to help people and community. He has written this book to share his success, his lessons, and experiences.

So if you feel stuck, if you want to change, or if you have trouble focusing, deciding on goals, or being consistent, The Power of Consistency may be a good motivator. When you finish, don’t forget to apply ideas that are relevant to your situation. To paraphrase the authors’ words, if he can do it, you can too!

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