Welcome to my blog.


Hi! My name is Sopheap Phan, and I write in here about my personal and research-driven articles as well as short notes, book reviews, and commentaries to explore issues and challenges in education, life, personal development, and more.

I created this blog to make it an information and content sharing platform. I hope to post a few posts weekly that would add something different to the conversation. Got a question or a topic you would like me to answer or cover? Please feel free to email at phansopheap@gmail.com or comment on my blog.

A bit about myself. You may already know who I am. If you are not familiar with me, I’m an educator by training, a Cambodian by birth, and a Canadian by choice. I hold a PhD degree in Educational Studies from the University of British Columbia (Canada). I am a researcher, writer, volunteer, and a blogger, who lives in beautiful Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Thank you for stopping by to check out my blog.