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Hello, I am Sopheap Phan. You may already know who I am. If you are not familiar with me, I'm an educator by training, a Cambodian by birth, and a Canadian by choice. Workwise, I have done quite a few things in and outside academia over the years. I taught at universities in Cambodia from 1995 till I moved to Canada in 2008. I worked part-time as a newscaster at Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in Melbourne for two years while in graduate school in Australia in 2000. Beginning 2006, I went to study and work in Ohio for close to two years. In 2010, I joined the University of British Columbia as a doctoral student and worked as a research assistant in addition to my volunteer work with various organisations until I graduated in 2015. I am a researcher, writer, volunteer, and now a blogger. Thank you for stopping by to check out my blog.

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